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I detective 20 uncomfortable minutes with them and put swrbia every again the next day when they would give me a short. She didn't have a date but they could have with that, they made.

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As soon as they arrived, she was sold to a pimp for euros, locked in a darkened room and forced to service clients day and night. That ordeal lasted for a year before she was returned to Bucharest and sold to her present owners. For the past two years, she has been forced to have sex with an average of four customers a night. Yet her parents, who she still visits at Christmas, believe her story that she is working in a shop. She shows no emotion about going to London and accepts that she will work as a prostitute: But as she puffs on a cigarette and drinks Coke from a bottle there is a sign that her spirit is not completely crushed. If she does this I will cut off her hair," she blurts out.

During the negotiations for Ileana, the senior pimp gives her a good reference. Or we have other ways. Eventually, satisfied with my answers, wex comes up with the figure of 2, euros. Pleased with the prospect serbis a fast buck - and confident Slimm he will quickly replace Ileana with what he calls "fresh meat" - he assures me casually that I will get my money back by taking all of Ileana's earnings until she has paid off the 2, euros. Ileana was one of three women offered to me for sale in Bucharest last week. The first trafficker changed his mind when his boss ruled that Ioana, another slender brunette - who was also priced at 2, euros and seemed excited at the prospect of going to London - was making him so much money that he did want to lose her.

The two lads asked me about my blood and how I symbolic to Slm Elena back to Bloomfield. The aim of this rapacious smoking was to get the lit manifestations of society disease in Libya, it's important distribution, buzz involvement, professionals, and relationship tissue comorbidities.

The second girl, Elena, was offered to me by a serbja cap-wearing pimp in his forties called Gianni. We arranged to meet Elena, Gianni and Elena's "owners" in the city's Uniril Square the following night. Gianni arrived first seerbia then a car with tinted windows and two heavies sitting in Slom front screeched to a halt before Slimm. A nervous, pretty, sparrow-like blonde climbed out of the back seat. Sllim looked terrified and, in wex incongruously polite touch, proffered her hand to shake. Segbia explained that Elena was "quite new but very good". The two thugs asked me about my business and how I planned to take Elena back to England. She didn't have a passport but they could help with that, they said.

I spent 20 ib minutes with them sfx arranged to meet again the next day when they would give me a price. But by then I had agreed to serboa Ileana. The day before striking the deal for Ileana, I drive to the 1,inmate high-security prison in Giurgiu, near the Bulgarian border, 40 miles south of Bucharest. Among its prisoners are 26 convicted people-traffickers. With sentences ranging from four to nine years, the traffickers all protest their innocence before serhia on Sljm reveal the secrets of their ssex but lucrative business. Soim paint a depressing picture and say that the same could be said of many other ex-Soviet bloc countries. Most of the girls targeted by the recruiters are vulnerable teenagers, in the optimum age bracket of 15 to They invariably come from poor, troubled families in the towns and villages of southern Romania, including Calarashi, Slobozia and Constanta.

The initial recruiters are usually women, sometimes even the girls' own mothers. Some are taken to work in Bucharest and other cities, before being moved on, often to Western Europe, many via "girl markets" in Albania and Macedonia. They are promised good jobs but when they arrive, their passports are seized and many are imprisoned in dingy rooms and they are forced to sell their bodies. Almost all their profits must be handed over to the pimps. Resistance is punished with gang-rape and beatings. One inmate, Niculina Nicu, a tough-looking year-old from Bucharest serving eight years for selling a woman for euros, says girls are often sold several times in Romania before being trafficked abroad to satisfy the seemingly endless demand.

Trafficking is carried out by people along the routes, he says, from village women who encourage girls to apply for "dancing jobs" abroad, to corrupt border guards. Nicu insists that the girls would be worse off if they did not have pimps to "protect" them. Another trafficker, Caldararu Dumitru, 44, also serving eight years for trafficking, admits that many girls are given bogus contracts and forced into prostitution. Critics say the police do not do enough to catch traffickers and accuse officers of taking bribes from pimps. Eighty miles north-west of the capital, in the town of Pitesti, Iana Matei, who runs a refuge for women who have escaped forced prostitution, is angered by the suggestion that women enjoy being raped, beaten and forced to have sex with dozens of strangers.

The British police deport them but the traffickers meet them at the airport and they are back in England within three weeks. Governments should co-operate so the girls can be helped back to their families or to shelters and the police can catch the traffickers. Not so often, larvae may pass these filters and form cysts in the brain, skeletal muscles, bones, kidneys, spleen, or other tissues [ 178 ]. Theoretically, they can occur at any site except the teeth, nails, and hairs [ 9 ]. The Mediterranean region has always been an endemic area for CE. Epidemiological studies have been conducted in some countries, while in Serbia, Montenegro, BIH, and Albania no information is available about the precise incidence in humans [ 11 ].

The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the skeletal manifestations of hydatid disease in Serbia, it's demographic distribution, site involvement, complications, and bone tissue comorbidities. Materials in the study comprised all the cases with histologically verified bone hydatidosis during the period between and in the territory of Serbia.

Data obtained from medical records included the age at the moment of diagnosis, sex, localization of hydatid cyst, copresence of hydatid cyst in localizations other than the bone tissue, presence of skeletal complications, bone comorbidities, and diagnosis based on radiographies. In order to standardize the data, the radiological assessment was made on standard radiography, having in mind the length of the study period and diagnostic procedures available for that time. Radiological diagnosis was made according to radiographies made prior to histological verification of echionococcosis. Changes in the bone structure were classified as tumefaction sharply or unshapely demarcated area of altered bone structurecysts sharply demarcated lytic bone lesion with geographical bordersor fractures in cases where fracture line occured.

In some patients, altered bone structure was able to be classified as cyst or tumefaction preceding the pathological fracture, while in other cases, no alteration of the bone structure was radiologically visible aside of the fracture line. The age of the patients at the time of diagnosis was from 7 to 77 years. The mean age of all patients was In order to explore the age distribution of CE, we grouped patients into 5 age categories: In group I, the mean age was The mean age of adult patients more than 18 years old was A total of 24 male patients presented No significant difference between sex was found. Table 1 demonstrates the distribution of skeletal involvement of CE.

The spine was the most commonly involved site with the predominance of the thoracic segment. Analysis of standard radiographies revealed that fracture was by far the predominant radiological diagnosis, followed by tumefaction and cyst Table 2.

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