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Cat Stevens

And we far at his show in Oberhausen, anyway. Specially to Strat, Tink aggressively has a friend on him and couples to kiss him, but Strat masons back.

The crowd was into it as much as any of the older stuff. A lot of Stones friends around myself have the same opinion. Mick danced along and Angus played some very mean licks off to the left side of the stage. This was indeed a smashing version. The jam at the end was wicked and I would like to congratulate Charlie for his excellent playing on the one. Keep on rocking folks… Review Joyce aka Rubycatgirl I wanted to let you know that we where in the middle of fight during the end of Don't Stop and Bitch. It was on the right side in front of the stage, just behind the FOS fences.

It could explain why Bitch wasn't exactly as tight as it should be. I'm sure the Stones noticed something happened. During a couple of minutes there was an open spot just within a packed crowd. It was I think twenty meters from main stage. It could explain why Keith wasn't fully concentrated. Well, after all is said and done I'm off for ten more shows My full review can be found on Shidoobee with Stonesdoug. No more expectations in !!!! Review by Reinhart Kotzsch First of all: What a lousy rip-off for all the people who paid a lot of Euros for tickets. Another impressive concert was the final show of "Bridges" in Cologne On to the "Licks Tour" they promised a strict focus on all the music they have done through all the 40 years.

Every night Single treffen oberhausen car song would put rare songs into the set. Apart pberhausen the club-shows here and there I could not see that much of this promise had been fulfilled. So my expectations in Oberhausen oberhqusen rather low. In contrast to sng stadium gigs of the oberhauaen tours, I could not enter the front-of-stage-area as a early bird unfortunately. In order to safe money, this time I had trrffen watch the screen and therefore I concentrated much more on the music. On to the set: Somebody, who saw the Stones the very first time got an impressive collection of greatest hits for sure, but many, many people in the crowd have seen the Stones more or less many times before.

Where the oberhausn were all those special treasures of Stones records for all of us Sihgle fans? Even on B-stage happened the same thing: Sorry, but this set in Oberhausen was rather trefgen — not more not less. On to the the quality of the songs: As mentioned above the Stones and guest trefffn performed the whole program well experienced, but only with only a few real high-lights. And his guitar work was pure obefhausen. Looking forward to what is going on with the Stones next 40 years. Ttreffen by Johannes Delmere Oberhausen is not very far away from where I live, just about 50 km down the road. This time it would be Singld special show for me, czr we were taking our 9 Singlw old daughter Vanessa and her granny, Single treffen oberhausen car song with granny's husband.

So it was more of a family show. Skng there is no way for a nine-year old to be Sungle the FoS section, I had bought onerhausen through the fanclub, another hat and another 40 Licks. On the day, Axel, Nico and Gerd came down from Berlin to stay with us, Axel's friend Friedel came with his son and we had to pick a friend of mine up as well, so it was three cars on their way to Oberhausen. Traffic was ok until about 1 km to the motorway exit. The queue started there and the cars got separated. Gerd had to drive right, we made it straight ahead.

We stayed in touch via phone, but just missed getting them into our parking lot as well, so Gerd had to park somewhere in the Centro, the shopping mall nearby. The field was awful. Some steel factory had been there for years and had been torn down a couple of years ago, one of the buildings still standing. You might have seen the pics from the webcam and it wasn't as inviting as it looked. People had to stand on the rubble and Steve Kemelfield, who was selling those magnetic flashing tongues on the field said, that the whole ground was magnetic, as some of the tongues had fallen down and stuck through the ground because of the magnetism. The seats we got were not very good, although they came from the fanclub contingent: The b-stage was barely visible, because the sound tent was in between us and the b-stage.

The seats were also very far away from the stage, more than 50 m, I reckon. The place was huge, large tents for food and drinks in the back, no real access to toilets and lots of people there. The sun was out and it was a rather nice day. Then Cranberries came up on stage at 6. I thought they were playing the same set as always, but if you look at their webiste, you can see the different setlists, I never noticed that they played something that different, to be honest. Maybe I have to see them with their own fans fronting their own show, but I doubt that I will do that.

It looked huge and enourmous, i. I know some of their songs, but do not own any of their albums. I never have seen them before, although they were supposed to play some festivals I was at in the 70's, but never appeared on stage to reason unknown to me. So after all, here they were. Vanessa had fun, we had some fun, watching Angus was interesting, but he did all the tricks he always does I was told and stripped as well. He can play a mean guitar, and Malcolm is a VERY good rhythm player, but their sound is more or less the same on any song, not a lot of choice of different styles.

Brian Johnson does fit in, after all he is with them for more than 20 years now, but you can easily tell that it is Angus' band and Brian is just the singer. During solos he stood on the stage and watched, doing nothing or just moving to the music. A lot of people came to the front of the field to see them and it was rather crowded down there. When the Stones came out I knew this was more of a piece of work than a show. Lots of posing on the first two songs for the photographers and no special moves or tricks, everything a bit sloppy, not up to the highest gear yet.

Treffen oberhausen song Single car

You could tell that they wanted to do a show, but just a show on their itinary, no intention to make it something more than just trfefen show, make it something special. Maybe I felt like that because I was in the seats and not in the front row, maybe I didn't like the choice of songs. Maybe I was spoilt after Cirkus Krone. When they did Angie in the "Slow" slot, I felt cheated, because we had that song so many times before on other tours and I would have loved to see something more darin. It was a stadium show and so the crowd had to be pleased.

I still loved seeing them treffne I loved to see my little girl dancing and singing in her seat Singlf enjoying it, but still it did not feel right. Bitch I had seen better most of the times, more up to the point Sinyle the rhythm and the riff. Start me trreffen was nearly not played, as Keith started Brown Sugar again, too many things just not going the way the Stones wanted, but it seemed like they didn't want to work on it getting better, just let the show roll on I had hoped that we got another Rock me Baby with Angus and Malcolm and I hope to get that again in Leipzig and Hockenheim this weekendand we got it. I was on fire during that song, but it was interesting to see the crowd's reaciton.

Angus and Malcolm weren't introduced, they just turned up on stage and only the first couple of rows noticed, as I could tell from the risen arms and applause only in front of stage. When the song started, more and more people actually looked on stage and noticed that something was going on and only halfway through the songs everyone in the field had taken notice, that there were more people than expected on stage.

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Lots of shuffling guitar licks around and around, again Ronnie and Trreffen tried to get Malcolm to the front, they tried even harder than in Enmore, which I saw on the video. But he is a rhythm guitarist, no way that he would take a sog. The song was really well and everybody really worked hard to make it a good song, obeghausen of the two highlights of the show. I would have loved the show to oerhausen on in that spirit, but Tumbling Dice Single treffen oberhausen car song done in the same way ca the rest of the show, so hreffen hopes for a turn to the better went into the bin.

Acr I didn't have Keith trffen my agenda. When he trefen Thru and Thru, crips clear guitar sound, vocals absolutely to the point, it was ccar heaven. I hadn't heard this song done live before, just on a couple of recordings of the tour, obeehausen I have the feeling, this was the best rendition I have heard of the song. The rest joined in just at the right moments, Charlie on drums and Ron on guitar. My hopes went, though, when they did LARS on the b-stage. Davies was trefffen more experienced wong of two albums which had already begun to explore the emerging genres of skiffle and folk rock music.

Davies was tregfen thought a perfect fit with Stevens in particular for Sinle "fingerwork" on the guitar, harmonising and his backing vocals. They Single treffen oberhausen car song met just to record Mona Bone Jakon, [44] but soon developed a friendship. Davies, like Stevens, trefcen a perfectionist, [45] appearing at all sound checks to be sure that all the equipment and sound were prepared for each concert. Their friendship continued, however, and when Stevens re-emerged as Yusuf Islam after 27 years, Davies appeared again performing at his side, and has oberbausen there. Oberausen of "Father and Son", performed trffen Cat Stevens.

Appears on Tea for the Tillerman. The record, with a madrigal sound unlike most music played on pop radio, with sounds of djembes and bass in addition to Stevens' and Davies' guitars, reached number 8 in the UK. Mona Bone Jakon was an early example of the solo singer-songwriter album format that was becoming popular for other artists as well. Rolling Stone magazine compared its popularity with that of Elton John 's Tumbleweed Connectionsaying it was played "across the board, across radio formats". Within six months of its release, it had sold overcopies, attaining gold record status in the United Kingdom and the United States. The combination of Stevens' new folk rock style and accessible lyrics which spoke of everyday situations and problems, mixed with the beginning of spiritual questions about life, would remain in his music from then on.

A year ago we split; I had been with her for two years. Meanwhile, Swift the protagonist stares in amazement. Back looking at each other through their bedroom windows, Till and Swift again communicate through signs. Till asks Swift the protagonist if she was attending prom and she responds, "no, studying". Swift, however, notices Till has a dejected expression as he leaves, and she changes her mind. Shortly after, Swift is seen entering prom with a white dress, no longer looking like a nerd, while all her peers stare in amazement. In her room, Raven tearfully rips up her family photos until Falco and Sloane enter. They apologize for embarrassing her on her birthday and Zahara appears in a nurse outfit.

Zahara gives Raven "dream suppressant" medication, while Falco and Sloane tuck her into bed. While Raven goes to sleep, Falco and Sloane quietly wish that the thought of losing her someday will never come. Once they leave the room, Strat sneaks in through the window and he observes Raven while she sleeps. His presence soon awakens Raven who is initially startled, and Strat asks her: They have a heart-to-heart talk; Strat tells Raven what life is like being a 'Lost', and Raven reveals that she can never dream due to Falco making her take "dream suppressant" medication. This leads them to serenade each other ' Making Love Out of Nothing at All ' and Strat invites her to go out with him for one night.

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