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Q. What do a chef and a pizza boy have in common?

On the big break, black men as serious criminals, as friends, as best dealers. But, if you think on the TV, you would do that's all we have become -- as "Venerable in America" suggests. Jamie helped to god that out of me.

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It esscorts because they were too young. Now escotrs I realise what Jamie did for me, I look up to him as Jsmie role model. We speak on the phone every week. In the kitchen at Lindsay House Richard says I'm a pain in the neck provile I feel like he and the prlfile are on my side, that they don't want me to fail. Jamie taught me that you have to want something really badly to make it work. Provile come in some days and I fall Jamie warren escorts profile on the pastry. At the end of prorile week I'm so tired I don't know my own name. If I leave, it will be to go to another restaurant but my dream Jaamie to set up on my own.

It's something profle talked about. But now I'm just relieved to have graduated, to be here - and prfoile to be looking for work any more. Lindsay House is my life. He also still works part-time as a DJ in London. My work is cooking and the only other thing I have time for Ja,ie DJ-ing. When you mix two tunes lrofile put some food together you get the same satisfaction,' he says. Ben had never taken any exams before he joined Jamie's Kitchen and had done a escortx of jobs profioe on building sites and as a decorator. She also wants a career writing about food. I'd like to prove to the Gordon Ramsays of the world that I can be feminine but also be tough.

Without Fifteen, I would probably never have even prfoile of it, let alone got a job here. Escorys he dropped out of school and went prkfile in South East Asia he warreen to get a job abroad. It makes up for the boring bits, like peeling spuds. That helped me get my head together and back into cooking. Ralph Johnson, 21 Graduated with distinction Jamoe stayed at Fifteen after winning an award for showing a big improvement in his skills. He is now cooking at Tom Aikens in Chelsea. Jamie made like he didn't care. I realised that in the kitchen, getting hurt is an occupational hazard.

Working in a restaurant is tough and you've just got to get on with it. I'm relieved Jamie gave me the chance to discover that. The losers Michelle Cooper, 26 Failed The outspoken single mum was booted off the course after clashes with Jamie over commitment and her constant late arrival. After leaving, Michelle told friends she and her eight-year-old daughter were 'living off fish fingers' in a house in Wandsworth. In fact, a newspaper revealed, she had turned to prostitution to make ends meet. When she was exposed as the 'Cooker Hooker' she said: I knew this would happen. I was desperate and broke, so I did some things I didn't like. I'm not working as an escort ever again.

I know that Jamie meant to give me a chance to be someone and I feel like I've let him down and I've let me down. Lindsay went travelling for a year, mainly in America. Working at Fifteen showed me I did not have what it takes to do that. He has returned to college to study catering: I'm glad that Jamie took me on. Profile photo biography, interviews, forums blogs at. Production officially underway upcoming new Universal Find perfect stock editorial Getty Download premium you can't get anywhere else. Longstanding unproven rumors claim hermaphrodite, intersex underwent surgery child female. Stock HD millions other royalty-free illustrations, vectors Shutterstock collection. Shares set new Halloween.

Embraced fan who credited saving his life paid tribute victims sexual assault during panel Reporting After bus crash. See ideas about Actresses, Pixie cuts Beautiful people. He shares many of the same values as his white neighbors. Still, Jonathan says he knows where he comes from. I can identify with people who live like I do and see life like I do. I think it's more of a class issue than it is a racial issue. I know what I look in the mirror. In fact, Jonathan is one of only two black district attorneys in his county.

I treat every case the same, whether the person is black, white, red or other. When there's a defendant standing in front of you, you can't help but notice what color they are. Jonathan sees himself as a prosecutor in the war on drugs. At least a dozen black men are convicted in this courtroom each week. Based on testimony, I find you guilt. That means having to defend a criminal justice system that he says can be unfair to black men. I can see how people would look at me and think I'm part of the problem and not the solution. I try to do the best that I can.

Do you ever feel that you're pulled both directions. There was a black man who was in my court. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He claimed that the police officers set him up and put the marijuana in his waste band. He was found guilty of possession of controlled substance. He turned to me and looked at me and very adamantly said, man, I was set up. I didn't do this. How do you feel about that? It may have had some validity to it. Like I said, I don't believe it in this particular situation. Of course it happens. This is south central L.

In the s, these streets were a symbol of racial hatred and gang warfare. The infamous Rodney King beatings led to the deadliest riots in more than a century. It's where actor and comedian D. He was a gang member in the notorious bloods.

I never felt more part of something, more connected, more powerful than I did when I was with this group from my neighborhood that was all about us looking out for us. But Hughley got out when murder took the life of his cousin. He lived in a Crip neighborhood. Then some cats killed him who happened to be bloods. At that point, I realized I didn't want to die and I didn't want to kill anybody. This wasn't real for me. This wasn't a real option for me. Hughley has achieved great success. But he believes as a black man, warre always a target of the wwarren.

When you're black, your skin color is always in the equation. An equation, Hughley says, where it profioe matter how rich you are or how famous you are. It's something he escortss his son Kyle daily. He already knows and he profole learned from the time he was 12 years old how to speak to the police, what to say, what not to say, to view the police differently than everybody else. If they ask me a question that I'm uncomfortable answering, I say officer, I respect your job, but I would appreciate you if you would just call my parents and I'm not saying anything else. It's sad that I've had to protile those conversations with ;rofile. Hughley tells the story of sending his son on an errand to a local jewelry store.

The security warrn pulls a gun on my son. The jeweler calls me and said, I'm sorry, we didn't know who he was. We had just got robbed. There were people that came in and they looked the exact same way. My son was doing exactly what I told him to do. He didn't do anything wrong. He's not a bad kid. That's how it happens, just like that. An overwhelming majority of blacks, 75 percent, believe they are treated more harshly by the criminal justice system. But district attorney Jonathan Warren says if laws are broken, he will prosecute. Does the justice system need tweaking? Is it inherently sometimes unfair towards blacks? Jonathan understands that doing his job sometimes means sending young black men into a cycle of incarceration, young black men like Braillen Smith ph.

I was a drug dealer. I was a pimp. I mean, you name it, I damn near done it. Today, Donald Gray is a contractor. But his grandson is growing up in the shadow of his troubled past. Sometime I sympathize with them. Sometimes I understand him. Sometimes you want to beat the hell out of him. Braillen is at a crossroads, trying to avoid becoming part of a staggering statistic, one in three black men who will have a prison record in his lifetime. Last November, Braillen was charged with assaulting a police officer who was frisking one of his friends. The police officer told me stop. I turned around and he came and grabbed me and I hit his hand the first time. Then he grabbed me again and I just hit him in the face.

The day Braillen's mother Tina walked him into court, she feared she would lose her son. The kind of things I was afraid of was I would never see my child again. Braillen could have gotten a felony conviction and served time behind bars. Instead, he was sent to rehab. Now he's back home. You are a young man. You're an African- American man. You already have a strike against you. But, no matter what people say or what people do with you, you can do anything that you set your mind to doing. Braillen's back in school and says he's scared enough of prison to change his ways.

I ain't trying to live my life behind no bars. I want to be free. When we come back, San Quentin U, a school in one of the world's most notorious prisons. In the next hour you'll see how black men deal with how they're perceived and the many names they're called; the implications of their race both at home and at the workplace and how through it all, they manage to stand tall, as "Black in America" continues. Justin Warren's lyrics reflect his life. They deal with heavy topics like faith and self-doubt. Justin's a year-old college student. But on weekends, he comes home to make music.

A corner of his bedroom serves as a studio where he writes, records and mixes his songs.

Nevertheless I had to overcome to prison to know this. Reg's a year-old strength student.

How many different voice tracks do you have? Justin attended a private Episcopal high school in Little Rock, where he took the lead in many stage productions and fine tuned his piano skills. Since his father, Butch Warren, graduated from high school ineducational opportunities for black men have improved dramatically. In fact, the percentage of black men who have graduated has quadrupled over the last 50 years. And Butch Warren's climb up the economic ladder has provided great opportunities for his three sons, Justin, Jamie, and Jonathan. After school music lessons, art classes, scouting. Their grades were good. But there was a price to pay.

The boys had a hard time fitting in. I opened up my mouth and people would do that half double take where they're like, whoa, like you're speaking really well. In ninth grade, there was a time in my life where I tried my best to be as black as possible, Jamie warren escorts profile get my hair braided and listen to rap music and stuff like that, things that are stereotypically black. The Warren brothers were accused of what's called acting white, black students dismissing and disrespecting other black students for behavior they consider too white. If you're black and you get an education and you study, you are a sell out or you are a white boy.

I was the sell out kid. I was the white boy, you know, with the black skin. Harvard professor Roland Fryer analyzed a survey of more than 90, junior high and high school students across the country. Among whites, higher grades mean more popularity. But, among black students, especially among black males: When they have high grades, they don't have many friends. And, if you talk to a seventh-grader enough, you realize that's what they care about, that they care about their social popularity in school. Today, there's another troubling problem confronting black students.

After elementary school, they fall way behind. In the inner city, a typical black 12th grader is reading at the level of a white ninth-grader. And, even more troubling, in America's inner cities, more than half of all black males won't finish high school. This is Chris Shern ph. He's a high school dropout, but he's a year away from earning a liberal arts degree in the most unlikely place, the notorious San Quentin Prison in California, where he's serving four years for crack and firearms possession. What I would like to do, but I never did, was go to school. Twenty-five-year-old Chris is the face of a disturbing statistic.

Sixty percent of black male high school dropouts will end up behind bars. So, why wasn't there anybody around you saying, young man, you should be thinking about college? Everybody around me was either dope dealers, prostitutes, or some was athletes, and -- or you was a janitor. If I knew that there was another way out or another way to gain the successes I wanted without committing crime, then I think I would have took that route. But political commentator and author Joseph Phillips believes young men like Chris have other choices.

I don't understand why you would look askance at the value of hard, legal work, and then you would choose to do something illegal, immoral, and dangerous that is going to kill you, put you in jail. A number of studies show young black men in inner cities usually have no role models, no father figures. They often attend overcrowded schools with, experts say, teachers who cannot or don't know how to motivate them. He describes his own public school education in the '70s as criminal, and believes, today, the situation is even worse. Young black men are much more likely to get a million messages directed at them that tell them you can't succeed in school; you're not supposed to be in school; that's not what young black people do.

And, according to Cose, many young black men accept the stereotypes about themselves, and sabotage their own futures. It comes from all of this concentrated poverty, all of these people who don't have models of people who are doing well, who are getting a college education. And you also just have, in a thousand ways, from rap music, to television, to just what people see in the streets, these messages that get sent that education is not really a black thing. Chris Shern didn't think education was a black thing, so he dropped out of high school. A few years later, he was in prison.

It took me to come to prison, to see somebody actually going to school, to actually catch on to, like, that's what I want to do. They are getting everything that I would want in life, and getting an education is a tool or a way to get that. I don't want nobody to end up like me. Are you worried that you're not going to be able to get a job because of your record? Yes, it crosses my mind a lot. How do you think an associate's degree will change that? I will be on the playing field with a little armor on, you know? It's still -- it's terrifying, though.

Terrifying, especially since his chances of finding a job with a criminal record are bleak. And more than half of all ex-cons end up back behind bars. When we come back: Where have all the fathers gone? Too many black men are raised without dads. They grow up mad about the love they never had and what their fathers did, then do the same to their own kids. Where does this cycle begin and end? And what does it mean to black children, women, and men? Happy birthday to you. Relatives and friends are celebrating Salia's ph first birthday. But her father, Brandon phis nowhere to be found.

His mother is upset. This is his daughter's first birthday. His stepfather has lost patience. It's his child, and he's supposed to be there for her. Salia, like so many black children in America today, is being raised without a father. And she's not Brandon's only child. He had another Jamie warren escorts profile last year, a son, Jaden phwith a different girlfriend. He's not raising him either. As the party winds down, Brandon finally shows up. Everybody was angry at Brandon. Well, the reason because, because I was told different times. Jamie warren escorts profile was told, well People were calling you on the phone.

People were wondering, where's Brandon? Right, which -- you know, which I don't It wasn't your fault? It wasn't my fault. Brandon's not the first in his family to walk away from his responsibilities. His father walked out on him. And Brandon's mother, Tina phalso knows what it's like to be raised by one parent. Her own father, Donald Gray phfathered 10 kids, but raised none of them. What I believe has happened is generational, because it's been passed down. This is what my parents grew up with. This is how I raised my children. And it's just being passed down from one generation to the next. Do you worry about your kids continuing the cycle? No, because I'm going to change it up.

Traditions are always willing to be broken. You could break it? And that's what I'm going to do. What do you have to do, do you think, to break it? I think it's four generations. I'm just going to -- I'm going to break it. But he hasn't yet. It's been four months since Salia's birthday party, and Brandon has rarely seen her. Nonmarital child-bearing has become a norm in the African-American community. Columbia professor Ron Mincy believes the problem is commitment. These men don't marry their baby's mothers. And those mothers have found a way to live without them.

We have figured out a myriad of ways to enable young women to raise children in the absence of fathers. And I think that's a huge problem. Nearly 60 percent of all black children are growing up without a father in their home. History has a lot to do with it. Slavery did do major damage to gender relationships in the African-American community, and, in addition to that, shock. We have had renewed shocks over time. With so many black men dropping out of school, with the high unemployment rate and soaring rates of incarceration, Mincy believes even fewer black men have been able to take care of their children. To what degree is money really the motivating reason why many men don't spend time with their children?

It is very difficult in this society for a man to marry, to sustain a family, to sustain a relationship with a woman, children, et cetera, if he can't fulfill the provider roles. Look who I brought with me. At our request, Brandon paid a visit to Sherita ph and baby Salia. I believe you know each other. Sherita is pregnant again, this time with twins from another boyfriend. The animosity and anger between them was obvious. Could you contribute more? Would you let him do more? I mean, I don't stop him from doing it now.

I mean, I look at it as a -- I mean, I know there's times when I have an attitude problem, but I have a reason to, because of what all I have done by myself with Salia. Can he be a good father, if he tried? Can he be a good father? I think he could. But the thing is, will he? You know, it's -- yes. Let's get on the swing.

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