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While the Sexsihht was small, the study found that men tend to use the right hemisphere of the brain to process beautiful landscapes, whereas women use both hemispheres. It was inferred that environments are perceived as beautiful by men based upon spatial issues, where as women apply a more categorical approach. Still, around a third of women under 30 invited for screening do not go but the news yesterday that cervical cancer rates have halved due to screening should be all the proof women need to pay attention when that invitation arrives.

But what about gender differences?

And so we need Sexxight Sexsight about Sexsight we adapt PR to match these trends — producing video content alongside press releases and tailoring this content for the different online channels — each aggregator will want their own exclusive angle — they are no different to newspapers in this regard. Jade Goody, in ignoring an abnormal smear letter from her doctor, must have done more for cervical screening than any awareness campaign previously run by the NHS or anyone else. Moving on to sound, the media reports today on the impact of degrading sexual lyrics on teenage sexual behaviour. Sadly, women are still getting cervical cancer each year, and a year are dying as a result.

Increasingly the online community tells stories via moving pictures — this is no longer the privilege of big broadcasting corporations like the BBC, FOX etc.


It looks like women are finally getting the message. The story made me think about video content in web 2. Look at what has happened to rates of cervical screening since Jade Goody was diagnosed with cervical cancer in August. Great, because you only get three or so main news stories on the BBC mobile site. The story reported a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that investigated how men and women process photographs of environmental scenes they perceive to be beautiful.

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Perhaps we should leave it to the leaders of youth culture to steer the change? I came across the iGoogle function, which allows you to have a personalised news stream to your Blackberry. The earlier the cancer is caught, the better the chances of survival. Is there something in this? At the end of the day, it all comes down to education:

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