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Reply Vincent on April 10, Hi Nick! First of all sorry if my English is a bit wobbly, it is not my mother tongue. I have been following your articles for a while now, I really like what you do.

But I have always wondered: Also, why would it look try hard to be social? Think about charismatic men — they talk to many people and many people want to talk to them. If anything, it will look the opposite. You will seem like a social, outgoing guy who enjoys meeting people. So, what are you thinking now? I put my hands on your hips, feeling your hip bone. Like you are a statue in a museum. Immediately you are rubbing it, up and down. Imagining how it will feel inside you. I want you to say it Her: I am enjoying feeling you inside me. You are moaning alot. You want it all, immediately. Now you are relaxing. Enjoying the feeling of my cock inside your mouth. Part 2 Having Phone Sex 1 Begin the call.

Once you have your partner on the phone, take things at a speed you're both comfortable with. There's no "correct" way to have phone sex.

If it helps you relax, spend a few minutes chatting before you get started A low, soft tone of voice or heavy breathing can help set the mood, but don't force it if doing so is unnatural for you: Getting started is possibly the hardest part, especially cht it's your first dex Pick a topic that's easy chta you to bring up, but which has the havs to spiral into haev territory. How much you miss them, or wish they were with you What you would like to do if they were with you What you're wearing and how you look in it What you're doing Ask your partner to describe any of the above to you 3 Escalate into sexy talk. Once you have the ball rolling and you're feeling comfortable, try getting bolder with your descriptions, or bring up new, sexier topics.

Have you ever made out with a guy just because you were horny at that time? Which part of guys body you want to touch or feel? Which type of guys you think are sexy? If you have a sexy guy for one night what would you do? Which part of the body guy touches you and you feel horny? Does a massage from a sexy guy makes you horny? Do you like being kissed on lips? If she hesitates or acts indifferent, continue talking for a couple of minutes and then try again.

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Think of it as verbal foreplay. Use your seductive voice Speaking in a lower and slower paced tone will help relax her into the mood. You want your voice to be as soft and soothing as possible but still audible. Try to minimize any extreme variances in loudness or speed. Or that kind of husky, deliberate voice you get when you just wake up.

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Ask her leading questions Now you want to use that seductive voice to move things toward a more sexual dynamic. You must transition naturally while subtly implying where things are headed. Simple, logistical questions are the best.

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