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I do not allow to virginstoe with someone who is easy handheld, sport and negative. Blown wife granny casual fucking dating Marshall Wheres my logo take.

She does not play games. She prefers to look for the best in others, and never the worst. Above all, she has a good heart. What personal habits of others really irritate me? What is irritating about one person can be charming on another, so I try never to pre-judge and I enjoy people who are not too judgmental. No one is perfect, and I tend to accept that fact. I do not want to connect with someone who is emotionally immature, needy and negative. I like a -like quality, but not a childish one. I will recognize her scent from miles away it will be embedded in my soul.

We can meet as friends, or possibly more. You are under 37 and attractive. I want to enjoy every day, Life is too short for wasting time so I hope this will tell who I am.

I have an athletic build and a runners body type, 61 tall, olive-skinned. I am a mix of continental descent and still have a bit of an accent. I have a deep voice. I have a vivid imagination and am very inquisitive. I am kind and strong, attentive and romantic.

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I communicate well and am a good listener. I like adventure and travel. I am happy with my life, but I would like to have a partner. I am spontaneous and assertive, but not. I am intelligent and well educated, also warm, humorous and open-minded. Responsible and down to earth. In a relationship, I am sensual and affectionate. I know myself well and there is not much out there that I feel insecure about. I am pragmatic and logical. Trust, integrity and kindness bring me very close to the woman I choose to be with. I am fair and decent and look for the same. I am looking for my best friend and lover, intelligent conversation. My ideal woman will be looking for the same.

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