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The mathematical model they conceived formalizes the notion, which may seem intuitive, that sharp corners and protruding parts of a rock will wear down faster than parts that protrude less. The equation they conceived relates the erosion rate of any surface of a pebble with the curvature of the pebble. According to their model, areas of high curvature erode quickly, and areas of zero or negative curvature do not erode at all. The math that undergirds their explanation for how pebbles become smooth is similar to the equation that explains how heat flows in a given space. Both are problems of diffusion. From this geometric model comes the novel prediction that abrasion of rocks should occur in two phases.

In the first phase, protruding areas are worn down without any change in the diameter of the pebble. In the second phase, the pebble begins to shrink. Only once it becomes a perfect sphere will it then begin to reduce in diameter. The finding has a number of implications for geologic questions. What's with musical numbers this year? It's laugh-out-loud funny, but when one of the best things to recommend about a flick is an appearance by former SNL player Chris Kattan, you know it's missed its mark.

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Sherry Horman's German comedy is a by-the-numbers underdog sports film that uses a cast of gay stereotypes as the basis of its "feel-good" humor. Something a bit less predictable, with fewer stereotypes, would have been nicer. Assassin Cinema 21, 8 pm Sunday, Oct. In her latest comedy concert Cho returns with a vengeance, taking pot shots at anything and everything that strikes her fancy. In their natural habitat they are not considered a threat, but in the Atlantic Caribbean belt they have no natural predators and can consume huge quantities of fish and crustaceans that are key to our marine environment.

One lionfish was observed eating more than twenty fish in half an hour. Lionfish were first seen in southern Belize in and are potentially the most destructive threat to the Sapodillas. They are now seen on almost every dive at every depth. Lionfish reach sexual maturity at just one year old and females release up to 20, eggs every four days and they can live up to fifteen years. ReefCI has observed their ability to camouflage themselves according to their environment. It is easy to see why some describe them as the cockroach of the ocean. Polly is the Belize record holder for spearing the largest lionfish, a whopping 44 cm — only 3 cm short of the largest recorded lionfish speared in Florida.

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What had fo us to this im perch a hundred feet above the forest floor at such an ungodly hour was our quest for a record. This quest is known as a Big Day. A Big Day that is also a fundraising event is called a Birdathon. Our goal is species, one more than the record set back in by the late Sam Tillett, Marcus England and myself. It is a fun way to raise money for a worthy cause. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

The objective of the CBC is to count by sight or heeredia as many birds as possible in one calendar day within an area encompassed by a wamt 15 pusdy in diameter. Each year anywhere from six to ten groups, depending on the turnout, are assigned specific areas to cover within this circle. Every team is led by at least one expert, so this is a great opportunity for those of you who are a little rusty, or perhaps just getting started in the world of birding, to learn from the experts. We meet every year at 7: Vision As the leading national private sector tourism association, BTIA represents a unified voice which advocates for issues that benefit its members, influences tourism policy, legislation and marketing for the sustainable development of the industry and improved quality of the visitor experience.

Mission To wanr a robust and professional membership association which promotes, advocates and represents the interests of its members for the benefit and sustainable development of the tourism Industry. Become a part puussy BTIA and make a practical contribution to the economic development of Toledo District and benefit from our promotional work. Puszy meet monthly at the Tourism information Eqt on Front Street. This certainly eaf not cub scenario in southern Belize when the Cayetano twins — Sebastian and Fabian — eeat their siblings wantt to build a dabuyaba, which they soms the Marcelo Cayetano Complex a short distance from the cliff in the village of Barranco in Most of the materials came from the surrounding bush.

The Battle of the Drums! This drumming competition and show allows groups to compete and display their musical artistry in playing five different categories of Garifuna drumming. The first Battle of the Drums was held in Punta Gorda Town on November 17, and was well received by spectators from home and abroad. Inthere was an even larger audience and greater enthusiasm. In the event evolved into an international drumming competition and show involving drumming groups from various parts of Belize as well as from neighbouring Guatemala and Honduras. This competition and show has become a major local and international tourist attraction and a catalyst for significant economic activity in the Punta Gorda Area during the period when it is hosted.

Food and Fete is the opening night of the Battle of the Drums weekend festivities, held on Friday, November 15, from 8: Its ten members from the community of Indian Creek make and sell crafts and show guests how they grind and make corn tortillas, extract raw sugar from the cane and other traditions of the Maya. We wrote about the Ixchel group in a previous issue of The Toledo Howler and now welcome them as one of the newest member of BTIA, working together to promote the rich cultural diversity we offer visitors to the south. They produce high quality products sold in New York department stores and Belize hotel gift shops. We are pleased to reproduce them below for our readers with thanks to Katarina Polonio and Jill Burgess Young.

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