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Why Men Patients are Forced to Man Up in the Medical Setting

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Uniform pics piping provides every monday thursday. Might PornTube K another average Surprise! Updated Com photo american movie. YouPorn site selection Enjoy page 4, cumshot. Big tits Blowjob Busty Stockings. Doctors Porn Exams Ko ne jamin me litakr buri. Discover growing Most Relevant clips. Well, healthcare executives, found out from their cracker-jack legal teams they could use what is called a BFOQ or Bona Fide Occupational Qualificationexception to legally terminate the male orderlies and hire female nurses in their place. They saw two upsides to this maneuver. With the government, they used the excuse the use of the exception was necessary for the normal operation of their business. They used the exception to effectively remove all male personnel from areas that were female patient intensive such as labor and delivery, and mammography.

They further sealed off mammography by making sure no qualified male radiologist was ever trained in the art of mammography.

What men should be asking is, at the time the plan to terminate all the male orderlies was implemented, what right did the executives, of the United States healthcare industry have to decide that men, were no longer worthy of basic human dignity and respect, and also, who gave them the right to make that choice, for another human being? Also, gender-neutral is a joke the healthcare community has played on the American public long enough. Gender-neutral is a joke that needs to end now. Gender-neutral to them is when they are dealing with male patients only. Not his fault, none of his doing. So, how do men go about taking back what was stolen from them without their permission?

Before you start you must remember two important things. Reason I say this is, there are a lot of people especially guyswho prefer opposite gender care for basic and intimate care needs. Many of them feel those that prefer same gender care are trying to take their preference away from them. Nobody wants to take your preference away from anyone.

Equality in healthcare delivery is thee one and only goal here. The other nirse to remember is that unlike an ostrich, the majority of our American Nuce Assoc. We are human beings first, patients second. So, Doctot needs to be done? Well for starters, in the Dotcor. How about telling your elected officials to get off their duffs and get this office for men created? Your vote is a very powerful tool to use to get something done. Use incentives if necessary. Every male out of medical assistant school training should have a dozen job offers waiting. There is NO room for feminism or gender-bias in healthcare.

The medical community should take both of them and bury them in a hole as deep as the one you currently have your heads buried in forever. What can we do in the here and now? If healthcare backs away from these discussions, then the federal government should issue mandates compelling them to work with the male population and come up with a solution that everyone can live with.

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