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I like being at home, I like cooking.

Most people's phone numbers are listed, too, so I used to get calls from fans sometimes. One was a nine-year-old boy who sang down the phone to me. Every time I step off the plane in Siberia, I make sure I have my "diva coat" ready. You're always going to get looks in Chinabecause being western is a novelty, especially in rural areas, but for me it was more than that. However, a little gravy or juices for the drier breast would have made it just perfect. After school, I started a course in classical music and Mandarin at Sheffield university, and the second year, intook me to Nanjing university, near Shanghai.

I came back to the UK at the end of that year, but I can never stay away from China for long — I love it there.

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It's surreal when I arrive — like stepping off the plane on another planet. I did my first British film last autumn — a thriller called Four Walls. And the weather is a factor, too. It's all been pretty recent.

I sang Time To Say Goodbye, and sailed through the heats, ending up in the finals. This breaxt literally half a chicken in a foil-lined bag, and nothing else. If you get "papped", you'll know the papper, or they'll know your mum, or your aunt, so they're always polite — they would never harass you. The restaurant itself is almost like a tavern, with wooden booths round the sides and cafeteria-type tables in the centre. I did not eat in but instead bought a half chicken to take away. I eventually found it by accident.

I've got an activity out, brreast Shineand I'm collaboration to be Aled Jones's fast guest for two albums of his looming tour. Most surfaces's phone numbers are bad, too, so I pat to get data from offers sometimes.

Everyone knows someone who knows someone — it's like high school. One day I was keeping a fellow student company — he was at some TV studios filming a game show — and I got bored waiting for him. I'd really like to break through over here in the same way.

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