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I powerful into a guy I met before in Europeo, it's his first gained also in Normandia. We have short all three together, while I romantically realize they are a good.

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I invite her to go out of the pool and lay more comfortable on one of the beach matrass. Blonde escort in soacha is one of the few swing clubs in Colombia that have free condom dispensers everywhere. Trouble is, as soon as I believed to be alone with her, Viviana starts the next event of the evening, the famous inverse gang bang. She sends all the other girls to join us. I didn't expect that! As a sudden I have 5 girls surrounding me. They take control of the situation and order me to lay down. They are then taking turn to give me a blow job while I Blonde escort in soacha caressing the closest pussies. Then the first one puts me a condom and takes me on cowboy.

The others get crazy, claiming their turn. The second girl changes the condom and starts to fuck me. It's the very first time I hear about that, being gang banged by half a dozen girls! Even in my craziest dreams it didn't happen! It's not a trio, it's a sexto! Making love with five girls at a time, that's simply unique! When all 5 girls got their turn, they free me and I'm suddenly alone with a hard dick! I check around for a pussy to fuck and here is my luck. Another girl just arrived in the club and entered in the swimming pool. She is amazing, the most beautiful by far.

She has a very white skin and a perfect body, probably very young to be so firm. I enter the pool; start to talk to her while caressing her under water. I'm way too horny to wait longer. I offer her to go out of the water. I sit on the edge of the pool, she stays in the water and starts to give me a blow job. My friend from the swing club joins us and starts to take her from behind while she gives me the blowjob. Behind my back, the next inverse gang bang is going on, I start to finger a pussy that got too close of me. I won't hold it much longer. I put a condom, enter in the water and start to take the girl from behind while my friend takes my place to get a blow job.

I feel great in her pussy, and fuck her hard while bouncing on her voluptuous ass and grabbing with both hands her firm tits. In front of me I have a great view of the other girls that are banging a guy. I can' stand it longer anymore and explode my orgasm in her pussy. I go to rest upstairs having a drink at the bar, and then enter the Jacuzzi. Soon my friend enter in Jacuzzi too as well as one of the girls we know both from the swing world. We chat about our previous experiences in swing club and how great the inverse gang bang event is.

Viviana joins also and we congratulate her for the idea and the success. She promises to do it again at least every 3 months and will inform us through tweeter. Viviana is a legend in the Bogota's swing world, amazing the network of contact she has and the ability to find 10 single girls for such an event. I comment to Viviana that this event is most probably unique in the world. The closest would be German Partytreff, but in German Partytreff girls are exploited Romanian prostitutes, while here the girls are genuine swing girls that do it because they want to, not because they need to. Also, in German Partry treff you can fuck as much as you want with as many girls you want, but you will never have them all together at the same time.

While discussing, other girls join us in the Jacuzzi. If above water it seems an informal conversation, under water is madness. I'm fingering one pussy left, another pussy right and have no clue who is giving me a hand job. I guess it's the girl in front of me as she smiles at me. I change position and come and sit next her. We start to kiss while we touch each other sexes. We decide to isolate us on one of the beds upstairs. We lay down, arm in arm, our legs twisted together and start to kiss passionately. I feel how wet she is, I could slip into as my dick is stipulating her clitoris.

I beg for a condom, she puts it imperceptibly while performing a blow job. I take her on missionary on a very slow rhythm while kissing her and maximizing contact between both bodies. As I had already my orgasm, I can hold this rhythm enough till she gets her orgasm first. I then explode with my own orgasm. A guy approaches us, and starts to caress her. It doesn't care that much anymore as I have finished. I'm not sure however that she will agrees also, but soon I realize that both already know each other.

We have conversation all three together, while I suddenly realize they are a couple. We chat a while, and after some time I decide to say good bye and leave the venue with my mind full of unforgettable memories. I know most punters are reluctant to the swinger world. But it's not about bringing your wife so that other dudes can fuck them. Also, sex is guaranteed for single men.

Of course it's not for soacja shy. You need to have no problem with staying naked and sharing space with other naked people, no problem Blohde public sex, no problem with group sex secort no problem having conversation with a guy while fucking his wife! But esckrt me it's the greatest place of Bogota, if not in the world. Remember also that the girls fuck because they want to, not because they need to, don't treat them as if they are hookers. The report is from the first reverse gang bang Viviana organized more than a year ago. She does it on a regualr basis every 3 months, starts to advertise 2 weeks in advance on twitter or on her internet site.

Most of the time it's in Normandia, but once she did it also in Monasterio. If you can't plan your trip to Bogota for that event, anyway there are still every Tuesday the regular event in Normandia. Not a reverse gang bang, but just a few single girls available for the single men and some couples.

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Viajando Musico I received a tweet from Viviana: OK so since me and my girlfriend have this kind of relationship I told her straight up the whole deal and that me and my friend had planned this since before we hooked up, I told her that and everything and as to why my friend is going and that we cannot tell his Girlfriend and bla bla and I knew this was coming but she said she wants to go too! LOL that she loves Blonde escort in soacha woman and that she would fucking love to do putitours with me, go to swinger clubs go and travel and meet people and go to a different country etc etc all happy with the idea BTW she is an American girlfriend, typical blond blue eyes pale gringa LOL but she has an Achilles heel that she loves pussy as much as she loves my dick LOL, works perfect for me The idea of her going with me actually turns me on, having my cake and eating at the same time, as well as taking someone over there who I care for and would love to spend time with not just in the sexual sense but also in traveling and what not.

Now with that being said, assuming all goes well, and I take my bisexual girlfriend over there to Bogota, I was thinking are regular civilian women even allow to go to the casas and the strip joints? I mean here in the states women Blonde escort in soacha go to strip clubs and have a drink and get a lap dance, but now that I think about it all the times I have been to Colombia I have never seen actual women customers in the brothels, I assume its probably because of machismo, so like my question for the veterans is can I take my gringa girlfriend to lets say Fiebre atunes casas in el chapinero etc etc LOL? And if yes do you think that there will be respect for her I mean I don't want dudes approaching her asking "cuanto cobra" and what not since she is not a working girl and she is there as my partner, plus how would that work assuming I take her and she picked a girl for me and her to fuck?

Is there an upcharge, or most likely we would have to pay for 2 services for per session since is me and her, and would a lot of working girls be open about that LOL? Swing clubs I know we could do ok, even tho we have not done such a thing yet and I don't want to share her I kindly want to do swing club just so she can have another woman and also for the voyeurism, she and I enjoy being watched getting fucked, but again I don't want to share her so I am reluctant with swinger clubs. So yeah that's it basically, also do you all believe my close friend has the right to feel the way he feels?

I mean yeah I probably would spend some extra time with her but he should compromise I think idk that's what I feel, but lets see hopefully I can still go next month all good, friend is happy girlfriend is happy and I am happy, and my friends girlfriend all clueless LOL. Your girl will be welcome in the strip clubs, no one will bat an eye. I used to have a bisexual Colombiana girlfriend, we did it all the time. No guys will hassle your girl, obviously she is with you and there's plenty of available chocha in the club. As to the girls participating in a 3-way, I'd say only about 1 in 3 girls will go that way in my experience.

The ones that do will usually charge you double since they are doing two people and money is why they are there. Double still might be really cheap though. Casas or swingers clubs we never tried so I can't speak to that. As to your friend, in a way he's got a reason to be pissed, because you changed the whole idea of the trip degrees when you decided to bring your girl. Yes, a part of him is probably jealous, but still it's a whole different idea than what he signed up for. For one thing he might not feel too comfortable mongering or whatever else in front of your girlfriend, especially when he's cheating on his girl at the same time.

As we say "Bros before Ho's", and for all we know women feel the same way about it. Sounds like you have 2 problems. Bros before hoes doesn't apply. It looks like you're pretty happy with your current situation. He's asking you to throw it away, because he can't bust a nut without you holding his hand. If you go without her, it's over. It might take a month or two, but she'll walk. Is your buddy going to bring his girl over and blow you while she sits on your face? If you try to leave your girlfriend in the hotel while you hit the casas with your buddy, you're going to have a highly pissed off girl.

There are compromises, but first your buddy needs to remove his tampon. There's plenty of stuff to do in the daytime where the 3 of you can hang out. You can even hit one of the northern clubs or Pussy House, or La 49 as a group. Having your girl along might give him a better selection of girls. It's something different and women are curious.

I iron where you're tired from, but the other isn't reciprocating. Uncommon charge double, some even don't.

If he takes one to a room, you're not sitting bored waiting. If he wants to pull one for all night, you're not a 3rd wheel and if your girl can handle Spanish, he's more likely to get a better GFE. It's a competition thing.

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