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First-Time Intercourse: It Was...Good?

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It was First time sexual intercourse stories first time too. He just friend requested me on Facebook. Currently I'm 53, happily married for the second time for 26 years. I was 18 years old. I had a crush on him since first grade. He was out of reach until we started joking about it. Then I asked him what if things [went] there and so, the next day we met up. It was also his first time, so it wasn't uncomfortable or anything. It didn't hurt at all. The weirdest part was [after] we did it, we got out of the car and we both went our separate ways. I told him, "See ya on Monday at school! We never dated, but we kept meeting like that for the next three years.

I didn't date anyone else. He was my first love and I don't regret First time sexual intercourse stories moment of it. The only sad thing is that we weren't even friends. I haven't seen him in ages, but my memories are so great and I love it. My mom gave me a ride to his house. His parents were out of town and my mom had no clue of course. Things moved along and all of a sudden there we were in his bedroom with music on. We got to the point of either we do or we don't, so we did. As we developed a rhythm, kind of, the doorbell rings, not once but frantically. My first thought was, "Oh my God, it's my mom! He finds his first and runs down to see who it is.

Turns out to be a group of his friends who showed up to invite us bowling. We got back to things, finished and the doorbell rings again. This time it's planned, different friends coming to give me a ride home. These friends turned out to have smoked pot before coming over and proceeded to eat Oreo cookies on white bread dunked in Coke in his kitchen while giggling hysterically. Then they somehow spotted a condom wrapper in the trash. Next of course were high fives and more laughing. Most UN-romantic night imaginable. I was two months shy of my 16th birthday and instead of the sweet seduction of an R. I was a Diplomat's kid and we had security. I remember his body on top of mine asking me "Are you sure?

Not pain but, uncertainty and I asked what no man ever wants to hear: I turned my face and watched [actress] Camilla Bell scream. I didn't even realize 'til it was over that I never even got a kiss out of it. I walked back home, snuck in and showered before falling asleep until my alarm went off for school. I can't ever look at Camilla Bell without thinking of that time. We did it in the middle of my living room floor. I was squeezing my eyes so tight that both of my contact lenses popped out and we had to stop!

I was dating a guy but the only thing he didn't know about me was that I was still a virgin. Every time we made out I made up a silly excuse not to have sex because I was afraid I'd bleed and reveal the embarrassing truth: I say "embarrassing" because I assumed being a virgin at that age was something wrong -- that I was unwanted, ugly, undesirable and therefore, unworthy as a woman, that all the times I had said no to sex because I didn't like the guy or didn't feel confortable with it had made me a prude and that I probably didn't deserve the sex.

I wanted to have sex with [my boyfriend] but at the same time I didn't, because I didn't want him to know my secret.

I was very, I wanted him to leave he was craving sex with a "sensual" brunette thanks, prejudice so I didn't really enjoy it. The sex did get filthy. I carol his behavior on top of mine monday me "Are you made?.

So one day it just happened: I didn't even bleed maybe because I had already broken my hymen masturbating but he didn't notice it was my first time. I was nervous, I wanted him to feel he was having sex with a "normal" girl thanks, prejudice so I didn't particularly enjoy it. Now I can say I have a very healthy sex life. I'm not ashamed of having sex and I'm not ashamed of my body anymore.

intercoure Of course, that doesn't mean I sexuual a man's approval to like myself, but engaging in a very lntercourse sex life has made me aware of just how untercourse pleasure the female body is capable of experiencing. Sure, you hear all storles how things get so much better after that, but the fear of pain or embarrassment or both can have some girls putting off their first sexual experience for quite a while. We're so used to focusing on the horror stories about first-time intercourse that we forget that it can be nice, fantastic even. Simply worrying too much can makes things worse.

And does that piece of knowledge help us? Maybe it's a good idea to have some good stories out there. You know, lessons of when things went right instead of horribly wrong. People are capable of learning from good examples as well as from bad mistakes. Hopefully my boyfriend and I make a good example. Let's call him J for convenience. After moving to a new school I had to make some new friends, get used to a new area, and get familiar with everything in general. I only had a year of school left and wasn't expecting to get into a relationship. However, J showed me around and helped me out a lot.

When he asked me out on a date, I wasn't sure. I'd known him for only a month.

Intercourse stories First time sexual

He seemed really genuine, which is hard to find when you're new and have at least for the moment everybody's attention. I said yes - I had nothing to lose. In fact, it went something like this: Do you want to go ice skating with me next weekend? Are you asking me out on a date? This was just before school holidays, so we had plenty of time to get used to each other and learn what we liked. So many relationships start out like this for people my age. Now, Australia hasn't got the absolute best sex education in the world, but it's definitely, in my own opinion, better than that in the US. We are taught abstinence as only one of many techniques one can use in order to avoid getting pregnant.

And after all, every kind of contraception only works as long as you are using it. Using abstinence as your only plan is sure to get you screwed no pun intended. It's a good idea to have at least one backup. Any responsible sex education teacher or GP would tell you this. J and I had been getting pretty physical with other kinds of sex and I wanted to be prepared. I asked the doctor what he recommended in the way of contraceptives. He wrote them all down in a table upside-down, in fact, so that I could read what he was writingand listed the symptoms of each one, how to avoid getting it and what to do if you ever got it. I've still got the piece of paper somewhere. There was, unfortunately, no table drawn for these.

The Pill sounded like the least scary of these options, so that was what I chose.

He tine me the prescription as he lamented, "These Australian women, sexua, they intercoudse not wear the red lipstick. Don't they intercoursw it's sexy? I started taking the Pill, but it wasn't until about a month later that I had intercourse for the first time. Which isn't to say that we did nothing. Mutual masturbation in the shower is fantastic. Neither J nor I had previous sexual experience, but we refused to walk into anything uninformed. We played around with a box of condoms - we unrolled them, stretched them one memorable time was when J managed to get one stretched over his entire forearm - I've since read an article somewhere on this site which suggests trying it, and was very amusedblew them up, and generally got silly with them until we didn't mind dealing with them.

They are silly little rubber things, but they serve an important purpose, right? J is a caring partner. Getting me off gets him off, and vice versa. We had this from the very start, for which I consider myself blessed.

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